The Joyful Environmentalist: How to Practise without Preaching

The Joyful Environmentalist Book

The Joyful Environmentalist: How to Practise without Preaching

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"A real page turner (with a notepad at hand at all times - Alex thinks I’ve finally gone bonkers!). Not sure where to start with this one as every single chapter is an eye opener, breaks down each issue in a digestible way with a ready made solution(s), has lots and lots of handy tips, whilst at all times remaining enjoyable, witty with a lot of laugh out loud moments. It’s empowered us to tackle a lot of the changes we’ve made which have been shared so far."

"Told with humour and candour, The Joyful Environmentalist is a manifesto of brilliant advice offered with humility and good grace it is a practical guide to empower us all." --Isabella Tree

"She gave my spirit a lift and my feet somewhere to stand." --Mark Rylance

"This book, practical and realistic as well as visionary, will keep that positive message before the reader s eyes. Joy is after all one of the best motivations we can have for change." - Dr Rowan Williams

"This is the joy we need in our lives, cutting through the despair to help us find our way in the world." - George Monbiot

"Isabel Losada's new book breathes joy and life in to the well-worn subject of saving the planet. The style is breezy brilliant and most importantly, entertaining." --The Great Big Book Club.

About the Author:
Isabel Losada is the bestselling author of six previous books including The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment. She has worked as an actress, singer, dancer, researcher, TV producer, broadcaster, public speaker, comedian and author. She remains firmly committed to narrative non-fiction and swimming against the tide.

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Great read

Great service despite the postal strikes before Christmas! All well received.

Great witty read for my mother in law on sustainability !

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