Ziggy’s Frightening Flight


Ziggy’s Frightening Flight

Wild Tribe Heroes
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Ziggy's Frightening Flight is an engaging story based on the true tale of a little honey bee and the problems she encounters due to habitat loss. Make storytime an educational adventure about our bees, how important they are and the global problem of habitat loss. Signed copy by the author.

The Wild Tribe Heroes books have received personal letters of congratulations from Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles who are both extremely concerned about the issue of ocean plastics and are doing everything they can to help raise awareness. The books have been featured on the BBC, in The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Huffington Post as well as numerous local newspapers, radio and TV and also featured in international podcasts, blogs and press.

Learn how habitat loss is affecting our animals and birds. Help children to understand the link between humans and wildlife. Explains what habitat loss is and how we can all help. Perfect for a bedtime story and to share with your school. Great for parents, grandparents, preschool and primary school.

But this book teaches children about more than the dangers. It also helps them understand the importance of looking after our environment, and how they can help all in a fun and friendly way, with ideas and activities which reinforce the story's message that this is a planet for all and that our animals have feelings too.

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Ellie Jackson is a mother of four young children who has written a series of books to help educate children about the impact of plastics on ocean ecosystems.

Ellie lives by the sea in Looe, Cornwall, and wrote her first book after living on Magnetic Island in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, during which time, she and her young family saw a turtle called Duffy being released back into the ocean after a year of treatment for ingesting plastic. “My children and I were transfixed by the sight of this beautiful creature being set free, and subsequently visited a turtle hospital on the mainland to find out more. Once my children had made the link between plastics and turtles they were inspired to pick up litter from beaches so that they could help protect turtles and other sea life.”

In this way, Ellie, an environmental scientist who taught geography for six years, conceived her idea to use children’s books as a way of educating young people about the threat to sea life of our dependence on plastic.

Books are for a lifetime and to be passed down through generations.

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