Recyclable Electric ToothBrush Heads (Compatible With Oral-B*)

Recyclable brush heads with charcoal bristles
Recyclable brush heads with toothbrush Oral B
Recyclable toothbrush heads Demo video
Two packs of recyclable toothbrush heads
Recyclable toothbrush heads with soft bristles
Soft bristles

Recyclable Electric ToothBrush Heads (Compatible With Oral-B*)

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Recyclable Brush Head compatible with Oral-B* available with Charcoal bristles, Soft bristles for sensitive teeth and gums, and a child size.

"Having been Oral-B* users for most of our adulthood, it's fantastic to have found brush heads which are actually recyclable and as effective."

    Compatible with:
    - Any Oral-B* or Braun* electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head excluding iO versions
    - Any Superdrug/Asda/Aldi electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head

    Comes as a pair of brushes.
    Dentist Approved

    The bodies of electric toothbrushes can last many years, compared to manual brushes which need to be entirely replaced every 3 months. Your electric toothbrush head needs new heads every 3 months, but if you use our Oral-B compatible Recyclable Brush heads, you’re not creating any waste that can’t be recycled, just simply replace your used brush heads with our recyclable ones!

    Be sure to remove the heads correctly!

    The plastic used in the LiveCoco Activated Charcoal Powder & Oral-B Compatible Brush Heads is a thermoplastic (it can be melted) and is therefore recyclable. The bristles also use a recyclable form of nylon.

    Toothbrush heads need changing every 3 months or if you’ve been ill.

    LiveCoco for the Conscious Consumer…

    In order to guarantee that their products are actually recycled, LiveCoco have created therir own closed-loop recycling system. So, all used products & packaging can be sent back to them for recycling. We understand that this is not the perfect solution but to be honest, it is better than nothing. They are not stopping at this solution however, as they are always working on ways to make their products and operations more eco-friendly.

    Once you're done, send them back to us in the enclosed envelope and we'll get them recycled by LiveCoco.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    E A.
    Works well

    Seems to work well although I don’t think the bristles are quite as robust as a branded Oral-B brush head. Teeth don’t feel quite as clean but I do really like the recyclable aspect.

    Kirsten T.
    Feel better than Oral B

    The toothbrush head fits perfectly on the toothbrush base, and my teeth feel cleaner after using it compared to the Oral B head. It feels good to know we can recycle these when they are old.
    I received my order in good time and well packaged in eco packaging - thanks.

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