Pärla Original Toothpaste Tabs (jar & refills)

Pärla Original Toothpaste Tabs (jar & refills)
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Original Toothpaste tablets
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Pärla Original Toothpaste Tabs (jar & refills)

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Embrace a naturally brighter smile with Pärla Original Toothpaste Tabs. Pärla Toothpaste Tabs have a unique formula that has been designed by dentists with cutting edge, ethical and sustainable ingredients to ensure optimal enamel protection, significantly enhancing your teeth's resistance to decay.

  • Zero waste / plastic free
  • Contains Fluoride (1450ppm) 
  • Contains 4 naturally sourced, high-grade stain removal agents, gently eliminating stubborn stains for a natural brightness
  • Naturally Whitening 
  • Minty Fresh
  • Naturally sensitive and SLS free 
  • Certified Vegan by the Vegetarian Society and Gluten-Free

"Our favourite toothpaste tablet and believe us we tried a lot - minty fresh and leaves your teeth feeling cleaner than any regular toothpaste".

Toothpaste tabs with Fluoride. Totally vegan and zero waste, as well as cruelty-free, palm oil-free and SLS-free.

Contains 62 Peppermint tabs made of clean ingredients that come in a reusable jar. See our Ingredients tab for more information. Once this jar is finished, simply re-order a four months supply (248 tabs) which comes in a compostable starch bag.

‘What! No foam?
Please note that PÄRLA toothpaste tablets create a paste that isn’t as foamy as brands from a tube. That’s because they have removed palm oil based ingredients that make ordinary toothpaste foam. We do appreciate that feeling of satisfaction that comes from a foamy brushing session, but it truly is not essential to getting our mouths sparkly clean!

Hydroxyapatite - a mineral that remineralises, strengthens and smooths enamel
Potassium Citrate - an anti-sensitivity ingredient
Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Succinate) - antioxidant, supports a healthy immune system and helps maintain healthy gums
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) - antioxidant which supports healthy immune and nervous system
Sorbitol - a low calorie sugar substitute that gives the table a sweet taste
Calcium Carbonate - a kind to the teeth abrasive to gently remove plaque, food particles and prevent surface staining
Kaolin - a natural polishing agent
Sodium Bicarbonate - helps remove plaque during brushing
Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate - a kinder, more gentle cleansing and foaming agent than the more commonly used sodium lauryl sulphate
Hydrated Silica - a natural abrasive to help keep teeth white
Acacia Gum - made from plants and included to improve shelf life
Yeast Extract - naturally antimicrobial to inhibit bacteria
Sodium Monofluorophosphate - safely and effectively helping to prevent tooth decay
Magnesium Stearate - stops the other ingredients sticking together
Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil - ensures a naturally minty flavour
Menthol - adds a cool refreshing taste
Stevioside - a natural sweetener
Mentha Piperita Oil - gives the table a cool peppermint flavour
Contains Fluoride - 1450 ppm

1. Chew: Place tablet in mouth and chew for 5 seconds

2. Hydrate: Use a wet brush to moisten the toothpaste in your mouth

3: Brush: Brush as normal for 2 minutes. Spit don’t rinse

PÄRLA is an eco-friendly solution to this never-ending story of destruction. Their toothpaste tabs are an ethical, eco-friendly and effective alternative to toothpaste in a tube.

Toothpaste should protect people’s smiles – without harming the environment or those who depend upon it.

By making one #onesmallchange in what we use to clean our teeth, we can protect the future – for us, for the animals, for the ocean and for our planet.

PÄRLA toothpaste tabs come in a glass jar with an aluminium lid, cleverly designed to reuse indefinitely. The refills come in completely compostable starch bags.

Customer Reviews

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Easy and less foaming than toothpaste leaves your mouth fresh and teeth sparkling

Parla Toothpaste tablets

I was initially dubious about using the tablets, but when I did I was very impressed. The taste was fresh and minty it did not froth (I hate that) and it was not sweet (I hate that in some toothpastes too!). Very easy to pack for travelling.

Paul B.

bought them as I have just whitened my teeth,prior to dental work, love them no more foaming and gagging on the extra paste,keeps my teeth perfect for the dentist

Fantastic product - no need to buy plastic again

This is great for many reasons. Tastes great, easy to use, no wasted product like toothpaste tubes, great for travelling as you can just take as many as you need - and isn't a liquid so can go in hand luggage. And more importantly after 6 months of using I had a dentist visit and they said my teeth are great, so they also do their main job of taking care of teeth.

Great toothpaste tabs

Simple, quick and small, a minimalist way of cleaning your teeth with efficiency.

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