Lomi - Smart Waste Kitchen Composter (incl. FREE Introductory starter kit with 2 x filter refills - 45 cycles each)

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Lomi - Smart Waste Kitchen Composter (incl. FREE Introductory starter kit with 2 x filter refills - 45 cycles each)

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Meet Lomi, the easiest way to fight climate change and produce less waste. With just 1 button, there is no easier way to compost your food waste.

  • Odour free, mess free composting
  • Makes composting convenient, no matter the weather
  • No more food waste rotting in your kitchen
  • Creates fertiliser in as little as 16 hours
  • Up to 80% of your waste can go into Lomi
  • Fits in any kitchen, big or small
  • Comes with a one year manufacture's warranty
  • Includes 1 x LomiPods, 1 x Lomi Filter refills (2 bags of activated charcoal)
  • PLUS FREE INTRODUCTORY STARTER KIT (worth £60) with an extra 2 x filter refills - 45 cycles each

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You'll be shocked at how much less waste you produce each week.

Not only is Lomi helpful in keeping insects, rodents and gross smells out of your home, it is one of the easiest things you can do for climate change.

When organic waste (i.e. food) goes to landfills, this is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Whether that’s a lack of space, or cold weather, it’s just not easy for people to compost on their own. Lomi is a solution that works for everyone.

Why should you care about composting?

Composting is nature's magic trick. It turns discarded waste and food scraps into nutrients that help new plants grow.

However, composting the old fashioned way isn't easy. It takes months, requires significant outdoor space, and can lead to pests and odors.

Lomi is your easy way to make a positive environmental impact. With just the push of a button, you can turn your food waste into plant-friendly dirt.

Just 1 button, there is no easier way to compost your food waste.
Outdoor composting can be hard. You need a lot of space, it takes months, and there's a lot you need to learn to create the right composting environment.

With Lomi, you simply press a button. Lomi's internal sensors simulate and accelerate the composting process and produce nutrient-rich output in as little as 4 hours.

Lomi has the unique ability to break down bioplastics – something that can’t even be done by traditional composting methods! However, the quality of compostable products and packaging can be confusing, and it’s essential to understand which products can and cannot be fully composted.

To make it easy for users to make that distinction, Pela has a certification called “Lomi Approved”. Lomi Approved products and packaging are non-food compostable items that can be efficiently broken down by Lomi and transformed. All Lomi Approved products have passed our rigorous research and testing process, including verification that they will not release toxic chemicals or harm the environment.

The only electric appliance with a net positive impact.
Lomi uses 60kWh of energy per 100 cycles. That’s less than an energy star approved refrigerator. And those 100 Lomi cycles make a big positive impact. They equate to: 220 lbs of food waste diverted from landfill & 18lbs of methane emissions avoided.

Do Lomi Pods Have a Shelf Life?

Make sure to store Lomi Pods in a cool, dry place and avoid humidity as you would any other tablet. Stored properly, Lomi Pods will last three years. Remember to keep out of reach of pets and kids.

Simply add a Lomi Pod on top of your food waste/bioplastics in the Lomi bucket. Measure out about 50mL of water and add this over the pod. You are now ready to start your cycle.

How do I clean my Lomi bucket?

Simply remove the bucket from Lomi, and wash by hand or throw it in the dishwasher.

How do I clean my Lomi?

Keeping your Lomi clean is important for it to look great and function at its best. We recommend cleaning the Lomi exterior once a month or as frequently as you would clean any other kitchen appliance. Clean the interior of the bucket routinely.

How often should I replace the activated charcoal in the filter?

Every 45 cycles

Lomi is a team of innovators designing waste out of the human experience.

They’re on a mission to leave the planet better than how we found it by eliminating more than 10 Billion pounds of waste.

The dirt Lomi makes can go into your indoor plants, your garden, or your green bin depending on the mode you select.

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