ETHOSA Body Wash Starter Kit - Well Balanced

Ethosa Well Balanced cedar
ETHOSA Body Wash Starter Kit - Well Balanced
Ethosa well balanced eucalyptus
ETHOSA Body Wash Starter Kit - Well Balanced
ETHOSA Body Wash Starter Kit - Well Balanced

ETHOSA Body Wash Starter Kit - Well Balanced

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The shower gel revolution you've been looking for! 16% of what you pay for a product accounts for the single use packaging. Up to 95% of a shower gel is water. Imagine you could spend this money on high quality active ingredients only…

This all-natural, plastic-free, refillable body wash for well-balanced skin is infused with plant-based active ingredients that work together to leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and clean.

Free from sulphates, all you need to do is add water for the powder to turn into a foamy gel. It is naturally scented with pure essential oils.

Kit includes a natural konjac body sponge, an aluminium bottle for life and one 35g sachet.


What's included in the starter kit?

1 x lifetime refillable aluminium bottle (the stylish bit) - 13.5 fl oz / 400 ml.

1 x durable brushed silver pump (the practical bit).

1 x home-compostable powder-to-gel body wash sachet (the cleaning bit).

1 x natural konjac body sponge (the bit that enhances the showering experience).

Jojoba Oil - Rich in Vitamin E, it softens the skin.

Oat Oil - Rich in Vitamins A, E & B, it is a great moisturiser.

Vegetal Glycerin - Hydrates the skin & helps it hold on to moisture.

Making your own shower gel has never been so easy!

1 - Pour the shower powder sachet into the refillable bottle.

2 - Add 350ml of lukewarm water.

3 - Give it a good shake and it’s ready to use!

Ethosa develop unique, highly efficient and proprietary
water-free formulas that enable anyone to make their
own shower products in seconds.

Ethosa believe one size fits none when it comes to
personal care. So, they rethought the entire model to
create waterless body care with natural ingredients
that fit all skin needs and ultimately simplify body
care routines.

The bottle is for designed for lifetime use and the sachets are home compostable.

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