The Eco-Homemaker Approach

Eco-Homemaker was created to make it easier for people to find eco-friendly products for their family and home.

Having learned through our own experiences, we wanted to help those people who had little time to find truly trustworthy products that they could rely upon to be both eco-friendly and effective.

Our approach is therefore based on the following simple concepts:

Be Kinder

To the planet and yourself.

All our products are rigorously researched and vetted to ensure they meet our minimum eco standards:

  1. No single use plastic and wherever possible plastic free for both products and packaging. Plastic is only permitted to aid reuse, ideally for a lifetime.
  2. Every product should either be 100% recyclable or designed for lifetime use.
  3. Always strive for 100% natural ingredients, especially in our consumable products (i.e. soaps, shampoos, deodorants etc.) and always ensure they are toxic free.
  4. Always look for UK manufactured products first and only accept outside of the UK if there is no better UK alternative to meet the above.

Without Compromise

On effectiveness compared to non-sustainable alternatives.

All our products are tried and tested over and over to ensure they are high quality and effective. You shouldn’t have to compromise on effectiveness to be eco-friendly.

Think Smart

We think that you should be able to buy great looking products that you are proud to have in your home, while knowing that they are more sustainable. Now that’s smart.

Our research always considers how a product will look in the home and we strive to bring you the smartest looking products.