Our Story


Hi there, 

Like many people out there, for some time now we've been asking ourselves how can we do something tangible to make our lives more sustainable. But like others we found ourselves neither knowing where to start nor with the time to invest in finding alternatives to our existing products in the home.

So we started to explore and during the course of various stints of maternity and paternity leave, we decided to look for, try and test a whole bunch of eco-friendly products for our young family. The good news is we have found an incredible range of products. The bad news is the eco-credentials, effectiveness and usability varies massively. There are also so many different retailers, selling different products across different platforms. It is enough to confuse anyone out of even trying. Not us.

This is where the idea of Eco-Homemaker was born.

What if we could provide a simple online destination where you can purchase tried and tested everyday products that you can be confident are kinder to you, your family and the planet. No need to trawl through hours of research to find the right answer - what if we've already done it, and have curated a truly eco-friendly range of products that are trustworthy and most importantly actually work without compromise.

Well, we think we have made a good start and have so many more exciting  products to test and share with you going forwards. 

Hoping to have made your life a little more eco-friendly and straight forward.

Victoria & Alex, O, J and The Bump

A kinder way of living.