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Being at the heart of any house, home cleaning should not be underestimated as a key area where you can make a real difference.

Did you know mainstream cleaning products rely on a huge amount of single use plastic, most spray pumps cannot be recycled and they release toxic chemicals into our water ways and may also be affecting our health.

Why not try switching to some of our amazing alternatives and be kinder to the planet and of course without compromise.

    Laundry Liquid - 500ml

    Laundry Liquid 500ml bottle
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    Laundry Liquid - 500ml

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    Non-Bio laundry liquid neroli (citrus) scented in 500ml glass bottle.

    "This laundry liquid leaves clothes satisfyingly clean and fresh, and has a lovely fragrance."

    If you wish to buy in larger quantities to refill your glass bottles at home (available in 5L bag), please contact us at hello@eco-homemaker.com

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