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With two of our own children, we wanted to find products that would make a difference to our consumer footprint whilst being kinder to their skin and general health. For us it was a no brainer.

Everything from bamboo nappies and bamboo toothbrushes to natural kid's body wash and natural rubber pacifiers.

Give it a try, we wouldn't turn back.

And look out for more exciting products that we are currently testing to bring to you shortly! 

    24 products

    LastTissue - Reusable Handkerchiefs

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    LastTissue - Reusable Handkerchiefs

    LastTissue - Reusable Handkerchiefs

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    LastTissue is a reusable alternative to single-use tissues. With LastTissue, we're bringing you the best of both worlds: on-the-go availability of a packet tissue and the environmentally-friendly handkerchief.

    "We've loved finding a modern twist to the handkerchief. With a toddler with a constant runny nose, this is a must have for any handbag, car glove compartment, or frankly anywhere in the house!"

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