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The biggest toxic culprit in our homes...our trusty bathrooms.

Our research has shown that bathrooms tend to be the room where we buy the most plastic packaged products filled with unwanted toxins.

Fear not though, we've curated a selection of bathroom products with impressive eco-credentials including being vegan, cruelty free and toxin-free, while also beautiful smelling and beautifully packaged.

    29 products

    Pärla Original Toothpaste Tabs (jar & refills)

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    Pärla Original Toothpaste Tabs (jar & refills)

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    The original winning formula plus the most advanced, clean ingredients delivering a host of additional dental benefits - enamel remineralisation, high gloss whitening, fighting sensitivity and boosting immunity via Vitamins E & B12.

    Pärla Toothpaste Tabs have a unique formula that has been designed by dentists with cutting edge, ethical and sustainable ingredients.

    • Zero waste / plastic free
    • Contains Fluoride 1450ppm) - remineralises & strengthens enamel by 65%
    • Reverse early areas of decay and the effects of acid erosion
    • Helps fight sensitivity 
    • 50% RDA Vitamin E & B12 in each tab - supports a healthy immune system
    • Contains Fluoride (1450ppm) 
    • Naturally Whitening 
    • Minty Fresh
    • Naturally sensitive and SLS free 
    • Certified Vegan by the Vegetarian Society and Gluten-Free

    "The Rolls Royce of the toothpaste tablet world. A truly innovative product that packs a punch in every tablet".

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