Becoming an Eco-Homemaker: Making your home eco-friendlier has never been easier

We have all become increasingly aware of how the products that we buy daily are having an impact far beyond our own four walls. Plastic bottles washing up on beaches, chemicals leaching into our ecosystems, you may have seen some of these things in the media but often feel overwhelmed and not quite sure how to help.

One of the ways to create simple positive change is right here in our own homes. 

Think about all the products you and your family use in your homes (e.g. nappies, wipes, cloths, toothbrushes) and then think about all the single use plastic and toxins that you are consuming.

Some of the reasons that may have held you back:

  1. Effectiveness: have you tried some of the eco-friendly products from your supermarket and been left unimpressed with the results and since been put off?  
  2. Price: are you finding more eco-friendly alternatives to be more expensive? This is thankfully less and less the case and remember if you do end up spending more, you will likely save through reuse or more cost-effective refills.

A few quick wins:

  • Swap out single use plastic for plastic free - biodegradable baby wipes instead of plastic containing wipes, compostable nappy bags instead of plastic ones, soap bars instead of shower gels, toothpaste tablets instead of toothpaste tubes
  • Find products that can be reused over and over again 
  • Go for naturally derived products to minimise toxins in your home.

Eco-Homemaker is an online platform to help you and your family find those eco-friendly solutions and a kinder way of living.

Whether you are starting your pregnancy journey, in the thick of family life or just wanting to be a more eco-friendly homemaker, we offer a solution - a tried and tested selection of the most eco-friendly products brought together in an easy to use shopping platform.

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