☘️ Eco Swap Series #10 with guest Borro - Organic Baby Clothes ☘️

Renting baby clothes has never been so easy and what a gorgeous way to save the planet! 

We wanted to give a shout out to a fellow young business, whom we've been using on and off this past year. Introducing you to Borro, a baby clothes rental concept who only stock all time favourite organic brands like Little Green Radicals, Mori, Kite, Newbie and many more.

Let's face it babies grow so quickly, it just doesn't make sense to buy something you only need for a few months. Renting baby clothes with Borro means you save money, time, and the planet. No more piles of outgrown baby clothes to sort or store, no more worrying about stains or spending a lot of money on something your baby only wears once.

With renting you pay monthly for the clothes you choose - there's no minimum subscription. When your baby grows out of it, send it back and stop paying.

And the best bit? They never charge for stains!

We've partnered up with Borro so you can enjoy 50% off your subscription using the code: "ECO50".

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