We are determined to make it simple for you and your family to make those small but meaningful changes.

After two stints of maternity and paternity leave, we decided to explore how to be that bit kinder in the home. Kinder to ourselves, our family and to the planet.

We looked for, tried and tested a whole bunch of eco-friendly products with that in mind. The good news is that we have found an incredible range of beautiful and genuinely kinder products, which actually work.

At Eco-Homemaker, we specialise in eco-friendly products that are suitable for all of the family and we offer some of the UK's most environmentally aware products.

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Victoria & Alex

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Our Values

We are striving to deliver products to meet the following criteria and will be 100% transparent on whether each of our products meet these.

Our Packaging

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A meaningful gift alternative. Every occasion is an opportunity to start a more sustainable way of living!
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Eco-Friendly Products for all of the Family

At Eco-Homemaker we specialise in eco-friendly products that are suitable for all of the family and we offer some of the UK's most environmentally aware products.

Our range includes products that strive to meet our own criteria to be made in the UK, plastic free, zero waste, toxin free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Many of our products are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials including, reusable coffee cups, nappies and cleaning products as well as a whole host of items to support an eco-friendly lifestyle. At Eco-Homemaker we strive to source items made from natural materials and renewable materials, and our product range will naturally help you reduce your carbon footprint and plastic use. So should you be interested in becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon emissions, take a look at our products today. At Eco-Homemaker we would like to be your first choice when looking for an eco-friendly product range.

Eco-Homemaker was created in order to make it easier for customers to find genuinely eco-friendly products for their family and home. It’s our mission to help those customers with little time but a desire to find top quality and reliable eco-friendly products that are kinder to the planet. 

Reduce Your General and Plastic Waste and Shop with Eco-Homemaker

Not only do we stock a range of completely biodegradable products, many are cruelty free, vegan and toxin free, all available to view online today. Some of our more popular products include organic bamboo nappies, organic deodorants, toothpaste tabs, shampoo bars, compost bin liners and many more eco-friendly alternatives. For more information on Eco-Homemaker and what we do, please get in touch with our team today on the contact details below.

We are your one stop shop for sustainable alternatives of the best quality and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful products that you will be proud to have in your home while having the comfort that they are genuinely more sustainable.

At Eco-Homemaker we are constantly updating our product range and finding new and improved sustainable and eco-friendly products for our customers. For more information or if you have any questions about our product range, please contact Eco-Homemaker today.

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